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Two hand pinch and a rafter chin

Guest Jeff Roark

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Guest Jeff Roark

I two hand pinched 153.5lbs last Friday on my first workout doing the two hand pinch. I know that a rafter chin is one of the great feats and I don't think doing a bodyweight two hand pinch will equate out to the chin. Now can anyone give me an idea of where the rubber meets the road? I am in the process of dropping weight and think that I will be able to pull bodyweight sometime this year on the Two hand pinch.

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I can nearly do a rafter chin (if I start with arms slightly flexed) so maybe I can help.

First I take it you are talking about single rafter chins.

If that is the case, I'd say that when you can pinch grip bodyweight and are a good chinner, you have the strength to do it. What remains to learn is the skill, because it feels pretty awkward at first (much more than the 2 rafters chin, because you tend to have your body twist).

There was a really good article about that in one of the iron grip mags by nick mckinless.

I'd say train on 2 rafters and get them closer and closer if you can (I have made a kind of very simple "rafter apparatus" so that I can choose rafter width and distance between rafters). That's the best training.

hope this helps

train hard


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Guest Jeff Roark

Thanks David. I am now working on chins and the two hand pinch. Bodyweight is my goal for that lift. I figured I'd have to be a bit stronger than just bodyweight due to the pulling and shifting during the chin. I am going to take it one step at a time. Thanks!

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