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Old timer lifting huge weight


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Please ignore the caption to this photo- the whole matter

belongs in the Liar's Club section.

Strongfort and Arthur Saxon were born the same year, 1878,

and so were contemporaries, and for Strongfort to claim to hold the bent press record with 312 lbs when Arthur often

used about that amount twice nightly in his performances, not only reveals that Strongfort (Max Unger) had to completely ignore Arthur's achievements, but had to depend on an uninformed public.

Please see The Super Athletes for an explanation of Strongfort's actual ability in the bent press which was more in the range of 225-240 lbs. Pages 75-77.

Albert Attila jumped the stage on Strongfort once and estimated that the so-called 312 lb barbell weighed closed to

190 lbs.

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Thank You, Roark!

Do you know any more "famous cheaters"?

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When I saw that it was an old style shot loaded barbell I pretty much figured out that there was no way of knowing what it weighed. Even it is was only 190 and not 312 it is a #### of a lift with a bar that thick. I have yet to see a pic of Goerner lifting anything.

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There is no 'even if'.  Strongfort by all accounts could not bent press 312 lbs. As to 190 being a whatever #### means

lift with a bar that thick, are you assuming he cleaned it? with

one hand?

Frankly, I do not know how he got it to his shoulder, but I

suspect he uprighted the bell on end, squatted low, then

leaned the bell onto his shoulder. In this manner the thickness

of the bar lessens in importance in a bent press which

approximates his bodyweight.

Plus, this appears to be a stage bell with a center grip with

less diameter than the main bar, but it is difficult to tell from

the photo.

Strongfort also claimed a Tomb of Hercules lift of 7,000 lbs

when in fact he could manage 3,200 lbs. He also claimed to

tear together 5 decks of cards, which insiders revealed he

baked beforehand.

To compare Strongfort to Goerner based on a lack of photos

may have some merit, but to compare their strength levels

based on reliable witnesses and data shows that Goerner

was much the stronger.

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It has been pointed out to me that perhaps my posts

were more direct than necessary. If so, I apologize. But

I take this history very seriously, and the photo that

started this thread represents just how misleading such

photos, when accompanied by inaccurate captions, can be.

And newbies don't have a clue, so would no doubt accept

the photo and caption as fact. Anyway, I'll try to be more


Photos are wonderful but prove very little sometimes.

Remember a few years ago when a certain religious leader

claimed to put about 7,000 (yes seven thousand) pounds

overhead with one arm? There was a photo, and many

witnesses. Anybody convinced that the lift was possible?

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Watch it Roark...or you will be put on "DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION" ( remember "animal house" the movie) :D  :D

Giving your credentials, knowledge and curator of iron history on the board here, I, for one expect you to keep it all square. If  there is misleading information ( whether intentional or innocently presented) I know you will ferret out the true info.

I suppose some guys can be a little touchy on corrections, but it is hard to see the emotion or feeling intended from written words. I do not think you are "busting any one`s chops" So let it be written, so let it be done!

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Guest woody36

I remember the pic you refer to,and think it was possible!

I have it on good authority he was wearing two bench shirts,

an athletic support,and a thick jumper his Mum had knitted

for him.

Joe, on a personal note,i for one love this cantankerous

side of your nature. :p

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I love the "true" iron history. I hate these fakes. The problem with a shot loading barbell was unless it was weighed in front of reputable people, the audience wouldn't know how much weight the strongmen were actually lifting. The barbell might look impressive in a photo, but it could be empty! Hollywood uses implements like this.

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Roark,I second Wody and Zcor's opinion,not to worry!! Keep up the good work!



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