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Picking Up Chairs


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did anyone ever try to pick up a chair by grabbing one of the front legs. i tried it with my chair but couldn't do it. i could do the ones at the school where i work. but not the ones at home. i thought i would toy around with it, but it is harder then it looks. got to have strong wrists and grip to pick up the steel chairs.

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i have picked up lots of chairs, however i come across some that are more heavy than others. it is impressive to others if they dont know much about grip. at one point in my 2nd year of gripping i worked out with a stool i had. i would put a 3 lb wight on the top and pick it off the ground. all it took was 3 lbs to make it seem realy hard. then, about a few months later i saw that John brookfield had a stool lift for a grip excersize. i thought it was very efective myself. thats one thing that always bugs me about grip training,...there is sooooo many things that are fun and efective i have a hard time sticking to one for a few weeks. :(

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