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Mm Replicas?

Muscle Turtle

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Where can I find a MM replica? I cant seem to find a hard #3 so I am looking for grippers just harder than it.

anyone help me out? thanks.

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Search the Grip FAQ. :dry

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awsome, anyone know ho much they cost?

Ask Warren, he'll tell you. I would throw out a ballpark figure and say about 30 bucks.

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I thought the price was closer to $40. I should get a whole set though. Be aware also that as good as Warren Tetting is, and I have ordered from him before and I'm a big fan of his work, even the MM Replicas vary sometimes.

Just ask Jad about that. ;) He let me try one of his MM Replicas at the BBB. I think it was an MM2 Replica. I closed it without a huge amount of difficulty. In retrospect, it was probably very close to the MM2 that I closed this month.

However, he also had a MM1 Replica that was harder than the MM2 Replica. I don't remember if I closed it or not. I don't think I was able to close the Replica that was supposed to be easier.

So be aware that even the master of the grippers may once in a while let one out that is not quite what it is supposed to be.

And this is absolutely no disrespect to Tetting. I will order more grippers from him and will probably order the entire set of the MM Replicas before I die. I would be interested to know if he would take a "faulty" gripper back and replace it with one that is closer to what it was supposed to be.

Maybe Jad knows the answer?

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MT, you might also think about just getting a Standard Elite from Tetting. Maybe even one with a 2 and 5/8" spread. They are almost always closer to the Hard #3 level than a Hard Elite level at that spread. Just a thought...

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