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Muscle Turtle

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I am getting pain rom my elows when I crush, the pain starts at my elbows runs up through my shoulders and into my pecs, anyone else have this?

I have been icing and such but it doesnt seem to be helping enough to make a dif.

Any input would be great, thanks.

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Hey youngun - take a break and do your shoulder therapy stuff - you probably have created an imbalance (and overuse) from more pushing than pulling with all the bending. Do a bunch of upper back work after you get rid of the pain and rehab the shoulders. AFTER the rehab!

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Yes, i had the same problem when i was bending blues.

Turns out i wasnt pulling the nail up under my chin enough on the crushdown.

When i crush a nail down wrong, maybe at chest or upper ab level, i get pains like you described.

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Take an early christmas break, and then you can be rested and ready when you get up here.

I don't want to hear you say I can't bend because I'm injured.

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I am hardcore! no breaks here!!! lol....

ok ok... so Ill take a break...

sorry medwig, you think Im going to come home and not huge hit PR's? think again pal!

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ima highjack ur thread Mt.

anybody ever get burning in there pinky. when i go to sweep a bar, i get this burning through the inside of my pinky real badly.

only on real tough stuff tho like g8s an reds

i think im just hitting a nerve or something.

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