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My Weekend

Justin Reagan

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I took a couple regular workouts the past few days. But that's not what has tired me out. I spent an hour or two running up and down little dirt hills with my 3 y/o nephew on Thanksgiving. A good workout. Especially when half the time I'm carrying him or catching him. Also, every time he thinks about it, he wants to come in my room and "bend nails". I'll take a relatively easy nail like a polebarn nail, timber tie, or a 30d nail, and bend it at a really awkward angle, so he can get his hands on it and "help me bend it." Or I'll have him push on the outsides of my hands for me. He really likes it when the polebarns snap. He also likes to help me break chains. He puts some of my big gloves on his hands "so he doesn't cut himself" (even though his hands are pulling on my hands). A while back, before all this "helping" started, he brought a little stick in my room, and said--"Bubba, watch this--I'm gonna bend a nail!" And he acted like he was straining, then the stick broke. He broke this little hollow stick--and he did it slim-style. He then walked to my big 5 gallon bucket of bent stuff, and dropped his "nail" in it. I wish I would have had a camera on this. It was great. Also, I've been demonstrating bending to a few people at work with 30d nails and 6" G2's. They even ask if they can keep the bent nails and bolts.

This is fun stuff.

Also, I'm gonna try to get back to my bending-focused workout plan. I've been changing stuff up too often. I need to quit that.


Justin Reagan

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Great story!

I give my six year old boy 1/8" stock, which he totally owns!


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