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Rick Walker

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alright guys-explain this Sh#t!

Got it tonight-heres the stats:

Closure Torque (inch-pounds),

[parallel handles/closed]: 311/387

Included Angle (degrees): 28+-2

Skew angle (degrees): 13+-1

Wind: LH

I opened the packaged and managed a HARD, VERY HARD, fought full closure with both hands-no warmup, straight out of the bag.  I am still a good half inch, maybe a little less, with my #3 COC.

That thing is a mutated monster-but this PDA 387 is much harder then my #2 and will provide the inbetween to nail the #3.

Hey #3 COC...I'm coming......

Rick Walker :hehe

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Guest Euclid

The PDA grippers have a different feel to them than the IM's.  I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, the knurling is definately different though.  All of my IM grippers squeak when closed, put my PDA doesn't.  Good luck on the #3 Rick, it sounds like you're very close.

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Sounds like you got a good gripper in terms of what you wanted / what you got, which is not my case. I tried my #3 today and got approx 3/16 with no warm up. 5 minutes later I tried my PDA 325 and almost got it. Last week, I received a 309 from Paul Valpreda and was hoping it was just a little less difficult than the 325. Forget it ! I did over 20 reps cold with the 309. 16 lbs of difference but a whole world of difficulty level.

Anyway, good luck in your training and who knows, we might be in the same MILO.

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I don't have a PDA gripper, so I couldn't tell ya.  Could you muster to close that same gripper tomorrow, or the next day?  If it's that easy, use it as a bridge to gap between the #2 and the #3 (kinda like a BBM).  Can you shut it and HOLD it shut?  If you can..... dang, that's pretty good!!  :)

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