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Got My Beginner Bender Bag From Fbbc


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I bought a beginner bender bag from FBBC for my 1st foray into bending. Showed up today, but I don't know the first thing about this stuff, so I don't know which bars to start with. Some I can obviously tell are for later, anyone else have this bag, and what order did you go in?


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start with the 3/16 stock.

Ignore all the bolts, and square stock for now. there should be 3/16 stock in there, 1/4, and 5/16.

I would start with a 3/16 7" peice, and work your way down, shorter and shorter, Once you are bending 4" 3/16 peices you should be able to get a 1/4 7".

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Thanks. I'm still at work (I'm dying to just try a piece but I know I'll get in trouble, plus I'd be embarrassed to fail. I figure when I get home and get a better look at everything I should logically see what's going to be harder than what.

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Eric Milfeld has calibrated all the FBBC stock, do a search here on the board & it'll come up & give you an exact progression. Good luck!


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Thanks guys,

I'll check Eric's post when I get home, and I got a set of Ironmind cordura pads, they seem pretty tuff. If not, I'll grab some leather somewhere.

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