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Sorinex Big Squeeze Dumbbell Handles


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A couple of times on the Grip Board I have asked if anybody else has ever purchased the Big Squeeze dumbbell handles from Richard Sorin's equipment company, Sorinex.  Each time I asked the question, I seem to be the only member of the board to have a pair of these (besides Richard and Bert Sorin, of course).  I started to use these regularly in my workouts again, and they work your hands and forearms like no other pieces of equipment, and I have tried quite a few pieces of grip training equipment.  Hammer curls, timed holds, farmers walks, as a matter of fact anything done with these handles will absolutely work your entire lower arm very thoroughly in a very unique way.  Go to Sorinex.com to see a picture of Richard Sorin using them.  It does not take much weight with these handles to give you a great workout, as the gripping area is 4" in diameter, and resembles the cushion on the end of a leg extension machine.  I highly recommend them.  No, this is not a paid endorsement, but just a recommendation for a very useful piece of quality equipment at a very reasonable price.  Go ahead and try them-you'll like them.  Anybody else out there have a pair of these?

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Being a poor student, I made myself a couple of these dumbells (it's more a handle than a dumbell).

I took PVC pipes of different diameters and covered them with camping floor mat (the foamy ones). I do kind of RT holds with them and it is a monster forearm developper. It works the thumb like nothing else.

However, I can't do farmer's walk and hammer curls with my cheap handles. I can only attach them to my 80 pounds anvil.

When I'll have more money (when I'll finish my degree), this is one of the first grip tool I'll get.

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Aren't those just like any other thick dumbell or are they sort rubber or something? If they were squishy I could see how they'd be hard to lift.

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Canthar, I do not recall how much they cost, as I bought other equipment from Sorinex at the same time, but if I recall, they were in the $55 range, but don't quote me.  Hopefully Richard Sorin himself will answer this question.  Nathan, the gripping area is indeed squishy, just like the roller on a leg extension machine.  KJM, I do not have a Turk, so I can't do a side my side difficulty comparison, but the Big Squeeze handles are 4" in diameter, and squishy, and I think the Turk is 3" in diameter.  Even though I can't compare, I'll go out out on a limb and say the Big Squeeze handles are MUCH tougher.  They are unique.

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Guest Neal Bates

I recieved a price list from Bert Sorin just the other day and the Big Squeeze DB Handles are indeed $55 per pair.


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