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The problem some people are having is going back and reading through the labor thread where you post about your reps, "i consider a rep to be opening to about an inch."  That is what people were expecting to see, not baby reps.  If you wouldve said 50 baby reps then I don't think you would be catching much hell.  Bottom line is you did a lot of closes with a #2 in short amount of time.  While impressive, honestly it was not what you promised.  Now do I really give a steaming pile, no.  I have no idea if I could or couldn't do it, but if you are going to do 50 3/4-1" reps, then that's what most people want to see.  You will always have the back patters.  You could've held it closed for 40 secs and snapped your fingers, called it reps and someone would've got on here and been impressed.  On the flip side, if it had been what you said, then there would still be heaters.  In the overall skeem, it does not matter, just train to get stronger.

when i seen a video of you doing fifteen reps with the three. they aslo looked like baby reps. they were not full reps either. even if i can close the three i would make sure it is a no set close, or if i can do forty nine reps on two i would not post it up. (that is just me not cutting anyone down) 49 reps is very good baby reps or not. open the grippers all the way and squeeze, that is a rep. and do it over again. like what joe kinney did in the video, he toyed with the number four, way wider than the credit card rule. now that is a full close. i can rep numbe two for ten but theyare i open them about an inch. and i don't claim i can do ten reps cause i don't fully let the grippers open. anyway. both you guys have established names in the gripboard. and respect you guys. but i am into strict reps all they way open and all the way closed. like my weight lifting. very strict.

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I dont think he's talking about what was actually done, just that it was not what KC had stated what was being done and what was going to be presented on video.

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When you saw me do a video of 15 reps, it was stated that they were 15 parallel reps, never said they were full reps and I will tell you right now I can not and have never been able to do 15 full reps. I made that post because King Crusher said his reps would be around 3/4", they were not hence my post. If it was posted that it would be 49 1/4" reps then there is no big deal. The 15 reps video is hard to argue that those reps are not parallel. If I were to claim 15 parallel reps, then there would be 15 parallel reps, if I said 15 full reps, then there would be 15 full ones.

Baby reps are those little bitty crack it open 1/4" or less and call it a rep. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the more you open a gripper the harder it is. I like training parallel or wider. I am not much on full range, I should be but I am not.

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its like beating a dead horse

my reps were wider then 1/4 inch.

not everyone was 3/4 but they averaged over 1/2.

i did the f-ing reps good god.

if i do clicker reps up to 1/4...we wont be seeing a heading for 49 reps.....we will see one for over 70.

i frickin gar-un-tee that.

please call me out,i will make the doubters eat crow twice.

see,if i do just clickers,i dont really have to concentrate on opening a certian distance(which takes strength/time)...i can just rep out...much faster...and hence,more reps.

no one said anything about full reps,but if were talking full open to full close i can do over 20 with my 2...just to refrence.

btw,imho,the 15 3 reps were not to parelle...i seen that video a long time ago.

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Heath's reps were good solid parallel reps done slow enough to clearly see them all.

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