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Thick bars/Rolling Thunder

Nathan Say

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My RT lift totally sucks. I know I just started a couple weeks ago but I don't think it's going very well. Maybe it is if 135 is a good start, I don't really know what a good weight is to start with. Anyway are there any secrets to a good lift with that handle? I've been doing holds (6 of them) because even if I go up 5-10lbs (I can sometimes pull 155) it'll be hit or miss. I do them at the end of my workouts, so that doesn't help, but I would have thought that I'd be doing better by now despite that.

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Try doing them first - see what happens.  The RT can be tricky at times, so don't be discouraged.  Keep at it!!  :)

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I have had the very same problems as you all the time with the Rolling Thunder. Even now I am almost at my self appointed target of 120+ kilos it will be one week add weight and two weeks struggle with it.

It has to be said that my little 1/2 kilo (1.1 lb) weight is a real true and dear friend on this movement. Progress slowly but consistently seems to be one of the keys.

Another is thumb. Both positioning and gripping real hard. rather than or indeed as well as the obvious grip positioning I will also try bending the thumb a little because in that way not only does the pad of the digit touch the 'bar' but also a little of the side. Try not to over do it as the lateral strength applied could well strain it.

Oh (just read your post) and I do these at the beginning of my Friday/saturday workout (depends on schedule). Indeed I'm training them today.

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So I'm not alone? I know that slow & steady is best on certain things, I guess I didn't know that RT  was one of them. At least other people have thee same problem.  :)

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Guest Reverend

I don't have a RT but I use PVC pipe for a handle in a similar lift, and I'd have to agree with what Mobsterone said.  I find that if I can just go up a little bit and stick with that a while, I can make progress.  

Also, I've got a Titan's Telegraph Key, which I don't use as often as I should, but when I do use it consistently, I notice that my other grip movements seem to improve, especially this one.

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