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Rope Chin Ups


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i just started doing chin ups with a rope. i can do about twenty good pull ups and chin ups. but with a rope it is alots different. i can close the two for few reps and close the three with assisting with my other hand. i thought i would kick butt, but man it is a totally different story. why is that. bothers me man

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Specificiity. Grippers don't transfer for Chinups. You need to do the towell chinup to get better at it. Other exercises are not going to help it. Granted that grippers might help you hold onto the towell, but thats it..

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Towell and rope pullups are probably my favorite grip exercise. For all around grip strength its tough to beat. It has carried over to outside activities better then anything else Ive done.

What was the difference in reps from the 20 pullups to the rope?

What kind of rope did you use?


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the one time i tried rope chin ups i really liked them

where can that super thick rope be found.....i could not even fit my hand around this rope barely.

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These kinds of grip exercises I enjoy, because they have good carry over to some of my other hobbies, like rock climbing. I will also suggest towel pullups with a hand towel, which I actually find painful.

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