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Fabled Cables


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Hey Gripsters,

I am planning on going on holiday however i dont want to stop doing some sort of training. I am considering getting the fabled cables, what do you all think and what sort of exercises can you do with these.

I know the Brookfield book is out there but to be honest do wanna buy that as christmas is gonna take a big enough bite out of my @ss this year.....pesky children.


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I would say buy it. I use a varation of it by just using Bulk tubing and grabbing onto that to stretch it. If you would like I could provide you some links to forums and routines/exercises that you can do.

-I think that there were a couple of articles published in milo about using strands.

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Hey Guys. I told some of you that I use strands to workout with. They are basicly Rubber tubing (surgical tubing) I use them frequently to work out with. They work great! And have increased my grip power. I use BULK tubing (from lifeline) and I would reccomend the chest expander handle type (its easier on the hands)

Most of the excersises I loop the strands so that the gripping area is about shoulder width and there is 4-5inches of extra strand on the outsides of my hands.

Some of the exercises that I do with them are:

-The Front Chest Pull

-Overhead Pull Downs

-The Samson (a press out to the sides the strands are behind my back under my shoulders It feels like I am between two pillars trying to push them apart)

-Incline press standing with cable behind back under arms

-One Arm Press

-Hammer Curl

-The Archer

-Diagonal Chest Pull

-Back Press Out …cable behind back above shoulders and you press it out.

-Bent Over Lateral Raise

-Strand Fly.. I loop the strands around my foot while I sit down with my legs extended and twist my torso for a type fly movement/punch ..its great.

there are many more exercises but those are the main ones that I use.

Here are some links to info on strand training:

Brad Reid primer on cable training. Current Info



pdf file


Fred Strandpulling Discussion Forum


Alfred Danks – Old time strongman information on cables.


Joe Bonomo- Old time strongman



Lifeline is where I got my stuff from, I got the 25’bulk tubing (inexpensive) and Great!

Lifeline 25’ bulk tubing http://www.lifelineusa.com/products.cfm?ca...=9&productid=52

I have gold, teal, purple, pink, and red (its not listed) the lesser resistances are MORE desirable for using the bare tubing. The larger the tube, the tougher it is on your hands.

Some of the people that I have talked to have used the lifeline power pushup, or the chest expander they also get good reviews.

Expander http://www.lifelineusa.com/products.cfm?ca...=4&productid=16 with link to pdf exercises.

Power pushup http://www.lifelineusa.com/products.cfm?ca...=4&productid=13

Samson Cable set- it gets good reviews.


Ironminde has fabled cables. www.ironmind.com they are pricey.

There are other manufactures of chest expander type devises, but these are very good sources.

for the care of the equiptment: spray with armour all every few months (if you use bare tubing do it more frequently cause otherwise the rubber will dry your hands out.)

they are awesome. I have had em for a few years with no problems. I have various thicknesses.

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Ironmind's Fabled Cables is overpriced, and the cables which are 1/4'' surgical rubber tubing break easily. I would not buy it.

you're right. they are definitely overpriced. please don't buy it.

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Thanks for all the responses all and especially for the wealth of information Lenny. I do like the style of the Dennisrogers lifeline thing thing....but I also like the idea of the cheaper option. Hmmmm

You have given me some great ideas thank you



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With exercise equipment, you get what you pay for. If you have to wait a bit to get better stuff that will last longer, I would recommend going that route. The Lifeline cables are very reasonbly priced, and VERY sturdy. Don't cheap out, or else, you'll be disappointed in the long run. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

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As a result of this post I am checking out the samson cables. Thanks all.

Just wondering what is the verdict on the Iron Woody Bands?

Has anyone used these??


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  • 3 weeks later...


Did you pick up any strands yet?

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Hey Lenny and fellow gripsters,

I have indeed picked up my cable set and after listening to all the wise words of wisdom I now have a wonderful Samson cable set from Mike Brown Solutions.

Its wonderful. So so much more challenging than I ever thought and its providing already an invaluable workout for back and shoulders. Im sure with creativity it could be used for a wide range of bodyparts. The handles are genious.

I have not tried any other product and call it ignorance but now I have this, I doubt I will need to buy more stand chest expanders ever again

Comes with 5 strands and I bought another 4 strands. Awesome bit of kit


Rydini of the shire

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I don't understand. The link to Samson cables given above says they cost $95 for 5 strands. But IronMind's Fabled Cables are $75. Why are Fabled Cables considered so costly, compared to Samson?

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Well? What's the difference between Samson cables & IM Fabled Cables since both cost a lot & look about the same?

I'm going to go ahead & order the IM Fables next week if I don't hear anything soon! :whistel

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