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10 Minutes On The Stage


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What would make the most impact if i had 10 min of stage time. I'm best at bending.

Here's what I'm thinking

tear a small book behind the back

tear and quarter a cheap deck

bare hand break a cheap wrench

make a fish out of 1/2"

make a heart out of a #2

bend a 5/16" bolt

that will give me almost a minute on each stunt and i can get it all in a back pack.

I've just started driving nails through thin boards, i can also break some blocks with a hammer on my gut, that one's kind of funny, I can always do the brick lift, but i need small and fast things or just work up to one kick ass bend. i think the general public would be more impressed with a long list of easy stuff since they don't know how hard each is.

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WOW, I'm Impressed. one question though, are you confident you can perform all these feats in ten minutes?

I'm figuring 2 minutes for the first 3 and 2 minutes each for the last 3 including wrapping time. That should leave me 2 minutes to play with if something goes wrong.

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That's really fast, people are going to want to see and touch the things you are doing. The stuff you have is more like a 1/2 hour show. You could cut a few things out of that list, or do a few feats twice. People might not understand the difficuly if you just blast through all the feats. You could tear a deck, and then pull out another deck and tear and quarter that - people will be paying attention the second time! Sometimes its not what you do, but the showmanship! (unless of course you're doing it in front of grip enthusiasts)

I did a 15min demo with just grippers, cards, and bending. I had everyone try the grippers I had everyone try the cards and I bent and tore a few different pieces.

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