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Red Vs Bastard


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How much of a difference is there between reds and bastard stock? They are both 5/16" CRS so I'm thinking they are similar, but I've never tried the bastard stuff yet.

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FBBC is definitely harder, at least IMO. Although I do believe this is general consensus. I dont remember the percentage difference (i think it was 5 0r 15% but dont hold me to that) but I am pretty sure that it is generally felt that the FBBC stock is comparable to reds at half an inch's length. That is, a 7" FBBC = 6.5" Red, 6.5" FBBC = 6" red and so on. Hope this helps.

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I dont know if i got like someSUPER fbbc stock or what, but i noticed a hughe diffrence.

I can get a red down in under 10 seconds, and the fbbc took about a minute.

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Both stocks vary, as does pretty much all steel. I have noticed that some of the "easier" FBBC is almost identical to some of the "tougher" Reds. But yes, as a general rule the FBBC is going to be in the neighborhood of 5% tougher.

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