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50 Pound Anvil Horn Lifting


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Did some anvil lifting with my 50 pounder.  Boring!!  :hehe

Decided to get serious, and added some weight to that puppy.  Slapped on another 20 pounds to make it a 70 pound lift.  As Ted Arcidi would say, "It went up like buttercake".

I have a chain around the middle of it and then through the chain I added the weights.  Now, I'll haffta get MORE weights and a longer chain.  I neglected to mention that I'm using my anvil SOLELY for horn lifting.  Does anyone have a 50 pounder that they are lifting - doing horn lifting - and if so, what are you lifting?  How long did it take you to get to that weight??  

If I get a chance... I'll take some pics.  I would like to work up to over 100 pounds if I can.  BTW.... tried to lift a 70 pound anvil by the horn and failed miserably.  The horn on a 70 pounder is just TOO wide for me; which is why I got my 50 pounder.

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Today I was able to add 40 pounds to it to make it a 90 pound lift.  Strangely enough, I was able to get a better grip with my left hand and was able to stand erect with this lift.  I'll add more weight later on and give everyone the results.

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No.  Mostly every other day - and sometimes I'll give a rest on the days I'm supposed to.... depends on how I feel.  I'm gonna add more weight tomorrow, and see what happens.  Wish me luck!!  :)

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Update:  Today I lifted over 100 pounds PLUS.  And now I'm using chalk (and that makes the lifting so much easier).  Now, I'll haffta add even MORE weight - that means getting more weight plates!  At this pace..... I'll lift *** by Memorial Day!!  :p  :p

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