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My Experience With Kta


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I was supposed to writte this report on monday but i decided to wait a few days to confirm a teory of mine,i'm glad i did it,i achieved my goal of closing the coc#2 :)

I started KTA on the 21st of August and ended this past sunday.Obviously i'm not going to give details on the program but i can say something about it :

- Being my first try,i opted for a more conservative,lower range volume approach,i.e.,i did the minimum reps suggested

-After one month of training i came very close to close it during the tapering week

-Most of the time i used restorative measures,contrast baths that helped my hands a bit

-I tried to follow the instructions the best i could,maybe i could have trained a bit harder,i don't know :erm .i lost two days due to sickness but i think they didn't interfered much with the final outcome

-It was easier for me to close the gripper after a strength training w/o,doing it at home it's much harder,especially the first reps :ohmy

-I only used a maximum of 4kg on the strapholds,i'm seeing people here using much more weigth

-I saw some positive changes,my thumb pads are a bit bigger,my forearms have also improved(brachioradialis) and my hands have now some new calous :laugh

-If you can handle the volume and frequency,you will surely get a nice rebound effect during the easier weeks,a PR like i did :mosher

Kta surely is hard but it is an effective program to reach my goals,i closed the #2,now the next stage is a nice RB210 that i have.I still don't know what i'll do next but i intend to keep using the grippers.


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KTA got me off to a great start with the grippers last year. I highly recommend the program to EVERYONE who hasn't tried it.

Nice report!

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Kta surely is hard but it is an effective program to reach my goals,i closed the #2,now the next stage is a nice RB210 that i have.

You can use the program to get to the #3 if you want. Glad you got the results you were looking for! Congrats!! :bow

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