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I met Richard Sorin!!!

Guest Jeff Roark

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Guest Jeff Roark

I attended the strength clinic in Georgetown this weekend. I met the legend. If you have not met Richard, I must inform you that he is a super nice man. He was so open to everyone. I was sort of in awe at first, but when you get to talk with the man he is very humble. I tried all the things that made him a legend and failed on all of them! Guys sometimes in your life you see things that you will never be able to accomplish and it is very humbling, but it feels good to know that there is humans that are special enough to do these things.

I tried lifting the Inch several times, all I could do was roll it on the floor. I tried lifting the "blob" I couldn't get it off the ground with two hands pinching it, #### I could have had 3 and wouldn't have got it. I tried the anvil, it didn't go anywhere with me, like it did when Richard walked across the stage with it. Now, everyones favorite item the grippers... well guys I tried the famous #3 you see in Brookfeilds book and I tried the Phantom #4, both with a silver spring. I'm not going to start a IP fight or the silver spring vs. black spring. All I can say is there is a huge difference in my black spring #3 and his silver spring #3. My #3 feels like a #2 next to his #3. It also has a totally different feel. It is top heavy and the handles are almost slick compared to my deep knurled bottom heavy #3. In other words mine is all handle while his is all spring. The 621ip... that is unreal! 2 handed I might squeezed it down a 1/2 inch....Oh yeah Bud Jeffries two hand cleaned the Inch DB and pressed it one hand cold! I also watched him bottom position squat 825 so easy he could have got 3-4 reps with it. All he had was a belt on, and that bar was whipping like a willow switch.

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You are SO lucky!  I've had the distinct pleasure of talking to Richard a few times on the phone - and he is amazing!!  I am hoping and PRAYING he'll attend the AOBS this June.... to meet the MAN - THE LEGEND - would be a highlight of my life!!

:)  :D

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