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Wrist Roller Diameter

Guest Nehemiah

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Guest Nehemiah

Looking to buy PDA's Thug wrist roller. They make it in a 2.4" and 3" variety. Any suggestions as to which would be more beneficial? Currently using 2" PVC pipe in a homemade setup.

Incidentally, what is a respectable weight to be using with a wrist roller?

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Guest map12345

Not that I'm experienced or anything... but I think you should consider whether you plan to just hold it in front of you, or place it on a rack. If you're just holding it in front of you, you hmay not be able to keep a grip on the 3" bar, so you'd have to sacrifice weight from your overhand wrist curling


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Guest baldy

Nehemiah (I like the name, BTW), the wrist roller you are using would have a 2 3/8" OD if it is 2" ID PVC. The PDA 2.4" would be comparable, but I assume it would be knurled. The knurling obviously will allow you to roll with more weight. Do you feel that your current roller is thick enough? If not, maybe you should opt for the 3" roller. For someone with small hands, though, I would think the 3" would be a little bit much. Just my opinion, I don't own either one. I still use a PVC one, which I find very challenging. Ours sound like the same outside diameter, and that size is about right for my hand size on a wrist roller.

As to what a good weight is, I think a lot depends on what kind of roller you use. The PVC affords very little surface cohesion with your hand, I think anyone who can take 150 lbs+ both directions on a fairly long cord is pretty strong. If the roller is knurled, a little more weight would be needed. Then again, what do I know (I am awful with a wrist roller).

Also, take map's comment into consideration. Once you train a little with whichever one you purchase, tell us how it goes.

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I have experimented a lot with wristrollers. In my eperience the roller should be mounted across a rack at shoulder height. As for roller diameter, I have found that unlike dumbbell handle diameter, smaller is harder. I use a roller that is 1 1/4  1 3/8 in diameter and smooth. You have to grip very hard to stop it from slipping in your hands. With a 2'' plus and knurled roller I can easily wind up twice the weight of the smooth smaller diameter. For me harder = better.

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