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Inch type plate loaded microloading


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For those of you who are training with a loadable Inch type dumbbell either PDA or home made , I have a way to microload by only 1/2 pound at a time. It works like this.

You need to obtain pairs of old Weider International plates.  

2 x 2 3/4  2 x 5 1/2  2 x 11  combine these with pairs of 1 1/4  2 1/2   5  10 and so on and you can create 1/2 pound increments.

Example remove  2 x  2 1/2 and add 2  2 x 2 3/4 and you have increased by 1/2 pound .

Take off 2  x  1 1/4 and 2  x  2 3/4 and add 2 x 5 and you have added 2 pounds. Increases of 1/2  1 or 2 pounds are easy to make.

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That's too slow.  I am moving up 5 pounds at a time.

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OldGuy, thanks for the tip.

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Snot you will soon get to a point where you hit the wall. That is where you need to microload. You are at 136 lbs. now if you increase by 5 lbs. a month for a year that would bring you to 196 lbs. which is highly unlikely.

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Wait a minute.  At 5 pounds per month it seems very possible.

Think about it.  Given 4 weeks in a month at 2 workouts per week, that's 8 total workouts - then you bump up another 5 pounds.... after the 8th workout, bump up the weight.  Of course, taking into certain factors like how many reps/how many sets/injury setbacks, etc.  I would think this is possible.  You will hit that "sticking point" eventually.... and that's where the microloading comes in.  Right or wrong?  (And PLEASE.... let's not get into a fight over this - I'm throwing out my personal observations/conclusions; I'm not a physical trainer nor ever wanted to be).

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