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A Visit To The Farrier-blacksmith


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Today was interesting. I went on one of my treasure hunts for bending and tearing stuff. I only do this a few times a year and don't spend much money maybe $30.

I was on a mission today with horseshoes being the pot of gold. On the way I stopped at several stores. Each one has one thing I use. Phone books, cards, 5/16 boths G8 bolts,wrenches and today I added a stop at the farrier. I think he's a real blacksmith too. He had a horse in the shop being shoed while I was there. Anyway I went outside and dug threw the free shoes to bend. I found some good starters. I went inside and bought some new ones for show. I loaded up a bucket with old practice shoes. They said come anytime and take all from the pile I want. There was a shop teacher there getting some for welding projects for his kids at school. He herad me moaning behind the car and looked around to see what I was doing. I told him I just bend them. I told the lady at the counter and showed her one. I told them that I wanted to start doing shows once i learn to do the shoes better. The blacksmith didn't seem to care nor did the counter lady. The shop teacher just got in the truck and left. I thougt they might be interested. Not.

This brings me to another point. I want to do shows or demos. Most of what I do is not world class but I would like to share it with others. I think I need a gimmick, like a talking parrot on my shoulder or something weird. I don't know where to start though. I was once asked if I wanted to do a show for a church group now they don't seem interested. I have inquired at a nursing home and they act interested. I stopped by my wifes work on the way home and they wanted to see a demo so i did a shoe. The only reasponse was "you do that for fun".

On a side note I close grip benched 400 today starting from the bottom. I would have pressing in my show because i think people like to see big weight moved. I have some wagon wheels to floor press with and know a few card tricks but how do i get started.

BTW I have a new picture in my gallery. Check it out.

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First of all find something you are passionate about, for me it is my religion. You could do anti drug stuff for schools, team building for corps etc. Work up a show around one of these topics and then ask around. You are going to have to start out doing them for free, but as it catches on you can usually get money to reimburse your cost and maybe eventually make some money. If you are a religous man, I would strongly urge you to use your gifts for God, and churchs are a great platform to get started.....We started out doing a show for a small country church Youth Group with maybe 10 kids, now 2 years later we are going strong and averaging 4 shows per month. We are non-for-profit and generally ask for reimbursement only, but do shows for free still to those that lack funds. You dont have to be World class to do this stuff, the point is to be able to get folks attention, hold it and give them a positive message. You are definitly strong enough to do this. IF you would like more info on what we do pm me........Brett

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Sent you a message. I'm looking for maybe 1 show a month, free at first. I think entertaining at nursing homes and schools would be fun, maybe my daughters girl scout troop. All those are free shows, if anyone wants a party or special occasion i could do that for very little.


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nice going gary. usually some guys get jealous if they think they cant do what your doing i carry my gripper with me and i take one that is easy enough that the average guy can almost close it then i get them hooked they try a couple times and the next time i see them they ask where it is thats where i get them i take a harder one so after they get use to the easy one and can almost close it they get the harder one now they appreciate a good close on a gripper and believe me i'm not that great on grippers but working to be :D

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