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Base Strength


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Many people have exaggerated the importance of building base strength. What do they mean by this and how can you build it??

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I think base strength means getting stronger slowly for a few months before really pushing yourself with weight or reps. Give your body time to strengthen all the little muscles involved with the particular exercise, to strengthen your ligaments a bit, give your body time to adjust to the weight on the joints and stresses a bit before really pushing for PR's. Its akin to letting a foundation of a house really set before building on it, it has to be ready to take the stresses.

especially true for any older guys here or anyone totally new to iron/exercise.

I dont think it has been exaggerated. Everyones body responds differently to stress, and yeah young guys can adapt readily but older peoples bodies generally need a bit more time to adjust. Not that it is really an age thing.


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