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Power Rack Recommendations


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I'm in desperate need of a power rack and would like to hear of your experience and suggestions.

I should have purchased one some years ago but just cannot seem to find what I want. I just want a super-sturdy rack (no wobble) with 1-2" pin spacing that's unencumbered by any pullys, lat pulldown, etc. Just want a plain and simple but solid as a rock power rack and flat bench. Would be cool if it had plate holders but that's the extent of any desired adjuncts.

I've been surfing the web at lunch and still don't see any candidates. See a few nice pieces of hardware but priced unreasonably high. Those that I've found in the $300 range look cheesey.

Can anyone recommend a particular manufacturer and model? What are your experiences with same?

It's time for me to retire the old Weider set and saw horses and up the weight. :-)


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2 thoughts,

1. For cheap, contact Lance Peterson, he found a way to use warehouse loading racks for a stone rack and for squat rack if needed. They are plenty strong.

2. mac barbell has a great rack. I got mine for just a little over 300 and it's awesome and bullet proof.


hope this helps


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I spent the extra money and bought one from elite fitness systems. it was more expensive than most but it is worth it in my opinion. Its the heart of my home gym.

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Mine has holes every 6", but I got it from Jesup Gym for $250 including shipping. So far it has held up to some big abuse.

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I bought my rack years ago at a used gym equipment place.

It's 3"x3" square tubeing and welded on all four corners with a metal plate floor.

Clay had over 1000lbs.in it doing partial squats.

Remember you get what you pay for so don't be cheap.

A good rack will last you a life time.

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