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Workouts of Grip Fanatics

Guest Jeff Roark

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Guest Jeff Roark

Do you guys work the rest of your body as intense as your grip? What are your routines like? do they cater to grip or is it all equal? I am this moment using McCallums "Time Factor" with a few variables. I am consulting at this time with Nick McKinless on improvements to my routine to help reach my goals. On that note for those that have not conversed with Nick he is a super nice guy. Everyone I have met here and conversed with have been the best. Once again Heath and Scott have been extra helpful to me and I appreciate it dearly, they have set my grip training in motion now and I am being consistent.

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I am working on bringing my gripwork up to par with everything else.

As it stands now, this is a typical week for me (gripwork not included)


Heavy benching (usually board presses) to max single

Heavy triceps, 3x3

Chins, Pavel ladders

Rotator cuff work

Tuesday: Light work with jumpstretch bands

Pressdowns: 3x10-30

Hammer Curls: 3x8-15


Overhead pressing or delt raises

Single leg press

Calf raises


Speed benching, 5x3

Tricep extensions, 5x10-15

Rows, 3x10-15

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Monday: Leg Press, DB Bench Press, Chins or lat Machine (light and heavy weeks)

Tuesday: Vertical bar Lifts, Pinch Grip

Thursdays: Press, Curls, Closegrip bencj

Saturday: Rolling Thunder, Partial Deadlifts

NB: will change at end of month in anticipation of Aug 3rd comp

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Guest Canthar

Current workout which will be changing soon. This has alot of bicep emphasis in it as being my weakest link they were hindering my back work. I also am using a slightly higher rep range to promote more muscular endurance in this series.

Squat 3-10

Bench 3-8

Lat Pull downs 3-10

French Press (lying flat with dumbells) 4-6

Incline Curls 4-6

Concentration curls 4-6

Barbell Curls 3-8

Tri-kickbacks 3-8

Reverse Curls 4-6

Standing Military press with barbell 3-8

Standing Calf 5-20

Forearm work:

Wrist Curls(single hand dumbell) 4-15

Reverse Wrist curls(performed same as above) 4-15

Lev. bar twists 3-10

Roller-performed palms downs rolling away for 2 total       non-stop and then rolling towards 2 total nonstop

CoC 5-5

Plate loaded gripper 3-20

Just got done making some block weights and will be including pinch work in my next program which will start next Friday. This program I do Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. I practice my Kung Fu on the days in between except for Thursday which is my complete day off aside from abdominal work. Considering I workout at home using all free weights and working out alone my normal time for this is 2.5 hours give or take a bit. Took alot of experimenting to fine tune it but I recover fine and also keep the intensity throughout the entire workout. Forearms are left to the end just for that reason I LOVE lower arm excercises. Just so you know Deadlifts will be going back in this next series aswell.


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Currently, I train once a week on the grippers and don't do other grip work (except form deadlifts).

I follow a very basic strength training routine to get a solid foundation for this summer sandbags routine and next autumn competitive powerlifting debuts.


Squats 3 x 6

OHP 3 x 6

Bent Row 3 x 6

Weighted sit ups 3 x 8


Deadlifts 3 x 5

CGBP 3 x 5

Chin ups 3 x 6

Side Bends 3 x 8

Basic but good. I can't wait to embark a westside bench routine next autumn. Board press and speed bench will boost my bench up for sure.

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a couple of months ago when you posted that workout i thought it looked good and decided to give it a shot. the only thing i changed was the reps to fit my goals and changed the bench to inclines.  all i can say is thanks.  the results have been tremendous.  one of, if not the best workouts i've ever tried.  

by the way, i do grip work on these days also.

mon. - grippers, block juggling, bending or levering

thurs.- rope chins, plate pinches, dumbell wrist curls

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You're welcome Underdawg. It is a good workout because it is basic and it covers every muscle with compound movements. It builds a solid core of strength.

I'm on this routine until june 1st then it's heavy sandbags (ala Brooks Kubik) for all summer. In september, basic squat and deadlift and ... westside bench.  :)

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the sandbags are great, i used them a lot last summer.  i only made them out of nylon grass seed bags though, so they've started to rip.  i plan to get back on them hard this summer, along with only a pair of 2" dumbells.  let me know how they work out for you  ;)

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Guest Euclid

I try to stick to the basics and leave out isolation exercises.


Squats  1 x 15-20

Stiff-leg DL on high block  1 x 10

Negative chins  1 x 10

Standing press or bench press  1 x 5-10

COC  5-10 attempts on #2 (double stamped, 1/4 in. away)


Pinch  1 x 30-60 sec. hold

Barbell wrist curls  1 x 10

COC  5-10 attempts on #2

Hammer curls  1 x 10

Neck work

Low volume allows me to work my a$$ into the ground without fear of overtraining.  I don't benefit from extra sets so I usually just perform 1 set.

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Wheres the kegs, anvils, farmers, sandbags??

Wheres the heavy low back work?

Reverse Hypers, Good mornings-heavy ab work?

Just messing guys-dont attack me

:D .

I have changed my routine a little-


incline bench

flat bench db press


ab work

day 2

grip work




band leg curls

reverse hypers

glute hamscalves

ab work

day 4

grip work

day 5


side raise

pull ups



alt. curls

ab work

day 6


day 7

Grip work

I also run every day but leg day.

Rick Walker :hehe

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

Well, My workout has changed alot in the past 2 years. I got into strongman at that time and was doing alot of event training along with heavy balistic movements. Then knee injury stoped that, So it was back to benching as my main goal. Along the way , I got hooked on grip work. I end up hurting my shoulder-pec so now I don't even bench heavy.Right now I am doing one bodypart a day 10-15 sets as heavy as I can. I change my workout every 4-6 weeks. I have done -50 rep sets(1 set,Start with a weight that you can get for 20-25 reps,wait 15 seconds,and go again.Do this untill you get to 50. 2 exercises per body part. Work whole body each workout/ 2 times per week) 6-20 workout(6reps as heavy as you can go, cut the weight around 40% and without rest do 20reps.) 1 minute reps ( 2 exercises per bodypart, the thing here is 1 minute up and 1 minute down, Not good for your ego ! Very hard!!!!!! People look at you weird untill they try them.Then they think your crazy) Wait a minute, I am giving away all my training secrets , Wow,big deal. I do grip twice a week,#1 5 reps, #2 5 reps, 4 shots at the #3 ( last week I did a double on my second set with my #3) Then I do 8-10 negitives with my #3. Once a week I do a bit of lever work.

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This is my 'hardgainer' routine. Worksets are shown.


Squat 3X12

SLD 3X12

Curl 3X12

Crunch 3X20


Bench 3X12

Chin 3X12

OHP 3X12

Calf Raise 3X20

Add 2 warmup set for Bench and Squat. 1 for everything else.

I will never change this routine.


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Guest Jeff Roark

I have several goals set for the 4th of July. All of them are strength oriented with the exception of losing a few pounds. I will be starting a new program to help me reach these goals come Tuesday.


Full squat(high bar)- 350x20

standing press behind neck- 200x1

close grip bench press- 315x1

SLDL- 300x15

pinch grip- 2 35lbs or more if possible.

The routine I am going to use was set up with the help of Nick Mckinless, once again thanks Nick.

Day 1

Squat- warmup 2x5-8, 1x15 heavy

SLDL- 1x15

incline press- 1x10,8,6

Chins- 1x5-10 weighted, 1 set to failure(bodyweight)

Dips- Same

Neck and calf work-1-4 sets

Day 2

Squat- 5x5

PBN- 5x5


CGBP- 5x5

grip work

I also will be doing some type of cardio for the old ticker 3 times per week, walking/jogging/sprinting.

I am going to try to cut out my late night feedings on oatmeal cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, Sugar Smacks, pop tarts and the like... that will be the hardest for me is getting my eating right again.

I have been using Mccallums Time Factor routine and made some great gains. Now I am getting to the point that I can't recover completely betwwen workouts. I think this new routine will harden me up and make me STRONG!

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monday: power snatch, snatch pulls

wednesday: power clean, clean pulls

friday: back squats

all three days I do dumbell presses, strapholds, plate curls (20 total reps), & deadlift holds with Rolling Thunder (just started doing these).

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Guest liquidtheorems

Here's mine


Trap bar deadlift

calf raise


stabilizer crunch

neck flexion

wrist roller extension

Wednesday: Grip

Straphold #2, #1

Outer Loops

Hub Pinch claw grip

Axe leverage front

Hub pinch palm grip

axe leverage back

plate pinch


Overhead Press


Toe Raise


Stabilizer crunch

Neck Extension

Wrist Roller Flexion

Sunday: CoC

R: #3 try to close, #2 for reps until I can't get 2, #1 until I can't do 20

L: #2 for reps, #1 until I can't get 2

working toward 400 for 20 reps in squat last workout I got 11; 500 for 20 in deadlift last got 12 before that did 500 x 2 550, 500 x 4.  Finally working towards the five plate wrist roller extension.  Recently got 190lbs up in last workout.  almost at 70lb plate pinch.

I work harder in my full body workouts primarily because deadlift, squat, wrist roller extension and neck extension are my all time favorite exercises.  Grip doesn't lag though.


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Guest rockblaster

I have found that variation is the key to progress.  Workouts have to be fun.  I have about 10 workout variations that I do on Mondays and Thursdays.  I usually do pinch work in between weight sets as they do not seem to effect my other exercises.  I save the fat bar reverse curls(thumbs up) and anvil lifts (by the horn) for last.  I also throw in a few sets of the CoC grippers on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  

My thanks to 1stCoC regarding the implementation of the fat bar reverse curls (thumbs up).

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change is ever constant.


bench 3 work sets

incl  2sets

decline close grip 3sets

tri pressdowns/or some other tri work 2 sets



cleans (vary sets reps weight and whether i do full cleans

         power cleans or from the hang)

FULL squats (usually front then back) 3-5sets

dumbell curls 3sets


snatch (again varied)

presses or push or jerks (sometimes all three)

pinch/thick bar/ farmers walk/plate curls -i choose a few of these



pulldown 3sets

rows 3 sets


Later on mon i also do grippers and steel bending

(Canthar, what style of kung fu do you practice?)

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DL, Calfs, S press, SLDL, Pinch, L-press, SQUAT, Grippers(timed holds with IMG)

Next week saturday

Weighted chins, Weighted dips, Compound row, Bench, Crunch, Side bends, pinch, Grippers (timed holds with ISG).

One set to failure on all exercises.

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

I'm with rockblaster,Change is the key to progress.Everyone at the gym always laughs when I start a new workout.But I am 43 years old and still have pretty good strength , For an old man.

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