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3/8ths X 10"


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well after not bending anything since july, I was cleaning up the gym and took a brain wave to try a nail my wife's uncle "the $&^%" gave me. it's 10' X3/8ths and it fought me tooth and nail for about 15mins, I used every unbraced style you can think of "many times". before this mother#$%^&* finally gave way


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you bent that nail unbraced?! absolutely incredible...

seriously...that's got to be one of the toughest unbraced bends i've heard of someone doing...congratulations on a good bend!


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Whoa my apologies, it wasn't unbraced "I'm just so used to saying that" I did plant my right forarm on my leg use my left to bend towards me, that's as braced as it got.

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That rusty ol' spike is a thing of beauty. Awesome bend!

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