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Inch bell think tank.....


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Terry Todd called today and we had a pow wow on how the Inch shall be lifted clean to the shoulder. (by my bet Mark Henry)I gave my two cents of insight and I think the light went on in old Terry's head.Some technical adjustments have to be made and in mutual agreement when they are.... hopefully the  Sorinex Inch Bell will be hoisted to the shoulder at the Old Time Barbell assoc. dinner or at a NSCA. meeting. As in many feats of strength men are SO much into the task at hand and not THIKING how First to harness the power to do it! I will keep you posted! RS

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Could a guy just start with a the most weight he can clean on a dumbell & just work up until he can clean an Inch Replica? Is that too easy?  ???

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That would be the easiest way- simple, progressive, weight

training- assuming the dimensions are the same and the handle

is non-revolving.

Plus if you outweigh the dumbell by more than double, it

may help. Mark Henry was announced at 390 lbs at the

Arnold Classic. So the bell is 44% of Mark's weight.

I dare say any number of the board members could clean an

Inch-type bell which they outweighed by 56%- for a 200 lb

man that would be an 88 lb Inch replica; for a 250 lb man it

would be a 110 lb replica.

The surprising thing about Mark is that he has not yet done it.

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This is exactly why I got my PDA Inch handle DB.  :p  

Don't laugh, but the very FIRST time (a few days ago) I picked up my PDA Inch DB, I had 136 pounds on it.  Picked it up to knee height.  I've still got a long way to go!!  :p

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