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What To Work The Day After...

Kurt Lane

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Did some pinch yesturday,

Few blockweight attempts

2 Hand Plate pinch


Thumb pads are jsut a little sore, wondering what you guys normally work the next workout? I dont really feel it nessacary to take off im just wodnering what to work now that mgiht fit in. :bow

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If you didn't do enough to really weaken your fingers (crush) you could try grippers. Usually after a real intense pinch workout though my crush suffers for awhile. You could try some sledging?? I am reassembling my schedule to try to hit everything without being to weak for the next workout myself.

Currently it looks something like this

Mon Crush/Narrow and Wide Pinch

Tuesday Off

Wed Crush/ Thickbar/ Chest crushes

Thursday off

Friday Crush/ Blob

Sat off

Sunday Sledging

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Personally , Excersizes with Holds are good for my hands while my thumb and fingers are sore from pinching.

I Prefer Pullups and Deadlifts

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Think about it, is it really important not to train parts which may not be at optimal condition?

Personally I actually think I've had better gains long-term training parts no matter my temporary strength or lack of strength. At least with grippers and other movements which mostly stresses the tendons and ligaments.

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Where in NY are you at Komodo? Im still looking for a GB member closer then NYC if I ever want to do a MM0 cert.

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Did crush on sunday.. Should I do thickbar or pinch tonight?...

Sunday- Grippers

Tuesday-Thickbar or Pinch

Thursday- Thickbar or Pinch

Saturday- Levering

What do you guys think...?

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Quick someone reply I wanna workout, just gimme your input. :D

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That's funny. I am just putting together a workout that goes:






Sat,Sun off.

I may end up splitting days off and resting Wed, or Thursday...

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