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Old Strongman Exercise For Wrist/grip


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I was online the other night and i stumbled upon a website, that offered some old strongman training techniques. The one exercise that looked the most effective to me was this. Dumbell rotation exercise.

Its is harder then it may seem. Ill explain how to conduct the exercise.

1.) Get a Hex dumbell

2.)Sit on a chair at a table of your choice.

3.)Place elbow on table,Postion arm as if you are going to Armwrestle someone.

4.)With your palm facing up at the cieling,Place one end of the Hex dumbell in it.

5.)Now squeeze the one end of the dumbell.and begin to rotate the wrist/palm.

6.)Rotate the wrist/palm in both directions.Clockwise then counter clockwise.

7.)Work both hands/wrists and adjust dumbell weight to get at least 10-12 rotations per hand.

This is very usefull for wrist and grip strength. Its harder then it sounds give it a try tell me what you think.

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Yes Paul i got the link.The mans name is Edward Aston. Part 4 page 26 cirlces with dumbells. Theres a gripbook there under his name like I mentioned this was really the only exercise worth while.But its kinda neat to look at all the pages. http://www.sandowplus.co.uk/Competition/compindex.htm

Just copy and paste that link into your browser.

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killer movement :flame

I think I heard this one from clay a while ago. Tried it for a while, felt so weak I was humiliated and moved onto a different exercise.

my hands hurt,


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i have also heard it from my dad when i was 13 years old

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