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Ggc Promo Video

Dave Lemanczyk

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This is some good work boys. Outstanding editing and the audio couldn't be more perfect. One point in the movie in particular struck me as an instant classic; The presentation of the award to Richard Sorin.

Very powerful stuff right there.....

Those of you younger guys in the grip game all well know that he has been in it since long before most of us were born (no offense to geezer powers out there) and working it hard, innovating.

One might think that Richard would have layed low at the GGC but you would have been mistaken. I personally witnessed some absolutely incredible pinching feats of strength in what appeared to be an very relaxed state. Extremely impressive stuff guys.

Much respect.

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I agree.

Just think about all that Sorin has been through this past year. The man is a Legend.

Cant wait to get my hands on the DVD. Are we having a VIP pre-screening at Jedd's house sometime soon?



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I had the good fortune to talk quite a bit to Richard at the GGC. All kinds of great old stories of the Iron Game, gave me a lot of good tips on training, and was just fun to hang out with. This geezer just wishs that geezer all the best. The ole boy still has quite the set of hands on him - wide pinch especially is off the charts.

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It was in the Contests section, bro.

Here you go: Promo


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Wow... very cool fellas! Looking at that made me glad I was there.

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holy smokes that is awsome....well done.

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that was awesome!!

I watched it 6 times. It got me all friggin pumped up.

great job with the promo

the new vids are awesome as well

smitty- you crack me up, yelling at everybody

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