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Closed the BBM

Guest omniexist

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Guest omniexist

I got my BBM in the mail today and closed it right out of the bag. As i thought i have a hard COC#2 or an easy #1 and BBM. The handals on my COC#2 are about 1/8 of an inch wider than my BBM. O well onto the COC#3.

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Guest GripMonster

The handles of my BBM are waaaaay wider than my #2, but

the important question is, does your BBM feel harder than your

#2?  If not, you might consider PDA or getting another BBM.

I just ordered a BBE...I hope it's a good one (if the handles

are wider than my extremely wide BBM, there might be another

gripper for sale soon).  Nice work on the BBM!  On to the #3!

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Try timed holds on that BBM.  Beware of the IM #3, brother!!  It's a gripper NOT to be taken lightly!!  :p

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Gripmonster- I had a similar problem with my beefbuilder elite- The handles were extremely wide, making the gripper harder for me than my #4.

Anybody else have good luck with beefbuilder grippers, particularly Elite? Were narrower ones the correct (ie midway between ironmind grippers) difficulty?

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I've got all the Beefbuilder and Ironmind grippers. They all have EXACTLY the same handle width. The Beefbuilder grippers are much harder than the COC because the spring is set in much deeper(Is this the right term?).

Next time when you order a BB gripper ask them to make the handle width similar to Ironmind and they will do it. You don't have to take your chance.

Ask and it shall be given to you.....


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