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Bent Over Rows With Apollon Axle

Jose Jara

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do you know what's the best lift in the exercise "bent over rows" (overhand grip) with apollon axle?

and, what's in your opinion a world class lift in the same?

I think that 150-160 kgs for reps is world class lift


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I just got a 2.5 bar from Lance and I'm going to train with it tonight. Maybe I can do a few of these for a laughable comparison

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I know that it's not a world class... :( but i'm doing bent over rows with 100 kgs, 6 reps, very easy. My best with olympic bar is 155 kg, 5 reps.

I hope to lift in the next weeks, 110-115 kg for reps.

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I'm just an old-guy slacker that's not been back at it for long but my working weight is 210lbs with a 2" bar. Should be able to add weight rather aggressively as I get used to wider grip. Have only had mine a week. Tried deadlift yesterday (that's awkward) and got 300. I'm sure there are those among us who do much more but that's my two bits.

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so last night I did DLs with my thickbar, its 2.5 and I forget if thats the same as Apollons axle or not. I got up to 200 lbs for 3 then jumped to 250 and only clearded the floor. This was my 4th set I think, doing reps of 3. So as far as rows I will have to try again another night. Then I had to switch to mixed grip to finish my DL's and I think we finished out with 320 and I got 2. Let me know what yoru getting. And I weigh 220lbs with 7 3/4 hands I think.

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