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#3 Goes Down

Guest GripMonster

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Guest GripMonster

After a year of blood, sweat, and tears, the %$#$^ #3

finally bit the dust.  Getting a BBM (maybe a 2.6) and

doing strapholds are what really sealed the deal for me.

By just using the #2 (15 reps), I got the #3 down to 1 cm.

After closing the BBM, I got the #3 to 1/2 cm.  After

using strapholds for just one workout (35 lbs #1), I got

the #3 down to 1 mm.  Now I've been doing strapholds for

several weeks (20 lbs #2) and am up to 5 reps on the BBM.

Today, after an average work set on the BBM (4 reps), I

closed the #3 and couldn't believe that I picked up the

right gripper!  Now I just need another year to get a

picture :( ...

Thanks for all the great advice!

Andy Bonelli

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Congrats!!  Good luck with the pics.....

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Guest GripMonster

Thanks guys!  Next, I plan to order the BBE and #4.  I

also will have to up the poundage on the strapholds and

try to move to strapholds with the BBM.  I want to throw

in some stuff to help my sweep, probably pinching.  What

do you guys think about pinching to increase sweep

strength?  Maybe partials with the BBE or #4 would be

more specific?

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Congratulations, and thanks for all the numbers.   I always like to see what people can do once they get at the threshold of the #3.  All differences between grippers considered, there does seem to be an “average” amount that people can do when they get to the #3.  All your numbers seem right in line with what I’m seeing.  I’m up to 15-pounds on the #2 followed by 27-pounds on the #1 and jumping 2.5-pounds per per week because of strapholds.  My only error in using strapholds before was starting too quickly on the number 2 and not getting the feel down with the #1 first.

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Guest iron_addict

hi all.  i'm new here and hae been trying to pick up some pointers.  but could some one please tell me what a bbm and bbe is please.  and i would just like to wish every one here good luck with their training.   i've really enjoyed reading all the posts.

best wishes


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BBM = Beef Builder Master, usually inbetween a IM #2 and #3.

BBE = Beef Builder Elite, harder than IM #3's......

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Congrats Andy!!  So are ya going for the #4?  Way to go!!  :)

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Guest Neal Bates

iron_addict, below is a link to the site that sells the Beef Builder grippers so you can check them out for yourself. I believe the BB's are the equivelant of the older IM grippers that had a wider handle spacing, at least that is what I have read. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this.



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Guest GripMonster

Sybersnott:  I am definitely going for the #4!, but of course

I will try to get that BBE first (hope I luck out and get a good

one like my BBM).

J. Anacleto: I work grippers once a week (sometimes 2 or 3

times and sometimes 2 days in a row, but I need a week to

fully recover).  My routine is usually warm up with #1 and #2

and then do a set of max reps with the BBM (reposition

between reps).  Then if I feel like it I will try the #3, and then

one set of strapholds with as much weight as I can (started

with the #1 and then #2, nylon strap).  I don't know why, but

for some reason I can only get a good attempt at the #3

after doing my BBM work set.  I also deadlift once a week.

Mr. Black: You're welcome and thank you for the tons of

information you have provided!  I also thank StrongerthanArne

for his post (with numbers) on strapholds, which finally led me

to begin using these miracle workers!

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