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Holle It Up Db


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I've been thinking of actually using my Holle it Up DB to try and up my thumb strength, it's sat in the corner for months now. Have any of you trained with one long enough to have an opinion one way or the other on it's effectiveness?

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I have one but have'nt used it for much other than holds and one arm deadlifts but not for any length of time.

Last time i saw Randall Strossen i suggested an article on useing the holle it up DB since there is know real info how to work out with it.

I would be intrested to here how the Holle bros used it to help them close the #4.

At least that is what the desciption says above the Holle it up ad at IM.

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I havent used one as of yet.But i know im gonna buy one shortly from good ole' Chris. :rock Im sure using one will add another dimension to certain aspects of hand/arm strength. The only way to find out what it does is to use it.

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I've done just a few sets at the end of my last couple workouts with my homemade Holle It Up. I can target my thumb "big time" with this thing - it also hits the wrist hard too. It cut about 55# off from my 2.5" regular DB handle DL. It's much harder than a standard "centered" handle when you set the bar towards the thumb. A very different stress, we'll see how it affects other things over time.

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