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Does anyone do this??


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    Does anyone here neglect any part of their grip and just focus on one area? Or do you concentrate on an area and develop that until you reach your current goal?

At the moment i'm really obsessed with developing a punishing pinch grip! I do pinchers, plate curls & farmers 3 times a week. Is that any good??

Ok that's all from me. Thanx.

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Out of all the possible grip or grip related stuff that's possible, I think it's ok to focus on just 3 or 4 exercises for a while. Like 1 for each kind of hand strength. You want killer pinch strength, so go nuts with that as your 1st exercise then do a little with other stuff

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That routine looks good to me.  The farmer's walk is probably my favorite "general" grip exercise.  Maybe I should do it more often.  Anyway, stick with that routine for a few weeks.  Then, keep the pinching, if that's your main goal, and change up the other exercises.  Instead of plate curls, use the wrist roller, do some work with the grippers, ect.

That way, you'll get a stronger grip all around, with really good pinch strength.

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Guest hands4god

i think an all aroud grip program is the best!  crush,pinch,wrst,forearm,and open hand stregth all help eachother!  oh,..and finger also!

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