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How do you curl this??


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    I was wondering how to curl a plate when it has a huge lip on it?? Do you just hook your thumb around the lip?? Or do you hook it with your fingers??

Bit hard to explain, but i just need to know.


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I think he means, is this a biceps curl or a wrist curl.  People do both, but the plate wrist curl is much harder IMHO.  If you are curling using the whole arm = biceps, bending at the elbow, then most people just call it a plate curl.

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:D Dave you got it right.

But let me just get it straight. When people say that they do plate curls in their routine they are just doing bicep curls and substituting a dumbbell with a plate.

Please HELP! I have been doing it using only my fingers for the movement. Elbow bent but static at a 45deg angel wrist straight pinching the plate with the plate pointing up into the air. I then lower the plate with only my fingers moving and then pushing it up to the start position again using only the fingers . No wrist or elbow movement at all.

This really works the “”larger muscles”” in the hand itself. I can do 10 reps +/- 45 seconds time under load.

Does any one else do this and does it sound worthwhile doing?   ???

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Before I figured out how to add weight, I could do 16 reps with a 25. I can do 4x6 with a 35 now. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be able to do a 45, that's one of my main goals this year.

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