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Card Tearing


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When you guys tear cards do you drive your fingertips straight into the cards, or do you lay your fingers along the deck? It seems like my hands are too long, and I bend my fingers so my fingertips are pointing straight into the deck. I tried my first deck today, and I got that crease along the side of the deck and some of the cards ripped a tiny bit, but I ran out of steam, and to top it off that was my only deck of cards. No more poker until I get more cards, but I guess I'm gonna be buying lots of decks in the near future :D .

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Well i did it! today i tore a whole deck of cards! Im so happy. Heres how i worked up to it. I bought a 2pk. deck of playing cards from Dollar Tree. And i followed Clays advice start to tear what ever you comfortable with.For me this was 10-15 cards,I never tore cards before so i had to adapt to the feel of them in my hands. From there i built up to 20-25 cards. So i used these 2 decks up using this training. Today i went to Walmart and bought a 2pk. deck of "Gold Crown playing cards" these were also a dollar. There poker size if this means anything i dont know. So anyway i opened a pack and took out the 2 jokers. So i have 52 cards, Now my technique is this take your dominate hand and place it on top of the deck. The deck is vertical NOT horizontial.Then take your other hand and place it at the bottom of the deck. So your top thumb is facing left and your bottom thumb is facing right. now squeeze those cards as hard as you can and twist both hands. As if you are trying to open a minature jar. Top hand is rotating right, bottom hand is rotating left. When you get the inital tear started. Place the deck in a horizontial position at belly button level. now complete the tear right hand holding and tearing forward.And the left holding and pulling back towards your torso.Make sure you keep your elbows at the sides close to your body as possible. And it will be done.

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