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The more I grip...


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It was recommended by someone here to make a hand full (no pun intended) attempts at closing the #2 every day for 6-7 straight days. Admittadly, I over did it a bit last Sat + Sun but have been pretty good all week. My hands do hurt, they aren't sore (skin or joints) since Monday's workout. I did my last session (or what I thought was my last session) yesterday morning. When I got home last night I figured, what the hey, I'll try it some more. I did my best so far. I warmed up with the T for 3 reps, the #1 for 3 reps and then to my surprised easily closed the 2. I rested for about 90 seconds and then tried it again. This time I closed and held it shut for 5 seconds. Who's happier than me. I'm thinking about going for it again tonight but don't want to get hurt. I don't feel over trained, just don't want to press my luck.

I know this isn't a constant way to train 'cause over training is bound to happen but I'm riding the crest while I can.


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Well, I had to try one more night and I've reached my limit. My hands felt tired and I could jsut tell it was time to back off. I'll take a couple days rest from grippin' and start some regular training again.

What I've learned for me:

That frequency can improve performance as long as I don't go all out.

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Guest Uberman

Cantgrip, I agree with the poster that said you need to change your name now.Can you post warm up and sets and reps on your everyday attempts? Had you closed the #2 before doing this? I have almost closed the #3 and have been trying different ideas on training this thing and have lost ground, little overtrained I guess. I have a big #3 attempt today and hope I have rested enough to do some good. Mike

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I'll change my name when I can close the 2 in my sleep  :p

I know I said Friday I was spent, well Saturday was different. After doing my regular strength training which is a full body workout and AFTER I did the wrist roller I figured what the heck, I'll try the 2 again. On my 3rd attempt I shut the bugger (took me by surprise). I rested a short period and closed it again but held it shut for 6 seconds this time. Being warmed up is HUGE at closing the grippers for me and there is no doubt the frequency helps.

startingtogripcrap  ;)

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