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Reverse Dip Bars


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Made a reverse dip bar set up.Handles are 1 3/8" outside dia. knurled and are 24" on center.It is 14" high so you can do a full range hand stand press with it.

reverse dip bars pic#1

reverse dip bars pic.#2

reverse dip bars pic.#3

completing lockout handstand press on bars.

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I just started doing these.So I need a little more practice before I can do this without placing my heels on the wall,but I tell you what.With a body weight of about 300lbs.It sure is killer on the shoulders and tricepts when I do full reps on it.When I get better at it I will get a leather weightlifting belt and punch a 1" hole through it and place a 1"dia. pin through the hole to load standard weight plates to.

those look like fun.

have you tried doing it without it against the wall?

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These are sort of similar to a product that was marketed by the 'hard core'strength equipment company NEBULA.Not exactly ...but similar.

Same company that made the leg press in the Ronnie Coleman videos(2500# capacity)

I believe NEBULA is out of business....or will be soon.

My point....???you ought to market these things.

A lot more people might be interested in these,,,than grip stuff.

heck of a tricep workout.

Maybe collaborate with John over at Fatbastard......on the other hand...what do I know.

Just a thought.

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...I believe NEBULA is out of business..

My point....???you ought to market these things....

their domain name is up for sale, so i believe you might be right,

and i wouldn't mind buying one myself.

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