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Yesterdays workout

Rick Walker

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I started out with the grippers as usuall but felt a little weak.  Only closed the #2 5 each hand and it was a struggle so I did double hammer squeeze with 2-8 pound hammers instead.

I then worked on some pinching for about an hour :D

Started off with 4-10s with a 10 chained to them hanging off the bottom.  (cant quite get 5 tens-too wide)  Anyway, I walked these with each hand up and down my 30 meter driveway a couple times.

I then did some finger plate walking with a 10.  This made me realize how weak my pinky and ring fingers are.  And, I dont really have control of them :( .  When I was walking, my other fingers were trying to get in on the action no matter how hard I tried to keep them off the plates.

So , I went to some single finger/thumb pinches and held 2-10s with each finger for a count.  I had to physically hold my middle finger and pinky off of the plate when I was using my ring finger.  For my pinkys, I held 2-5s.

I then pinched 2-25s with my thumb/index/middle fingers.  I was surprised how easy it was.

Finished with some wrist curls and reverse wrist curls.  I never do these so I threw them in for a change ;)

In all-pretty good and a good switch from my normal routine.

I should be updating my webpage today-so check after 3pm for new pics.  www.people.iup.edu/lfdj

Rick Walker :hehe

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How heavy is that anvil in the 1st pic on your site? Can you pick it up one handed by the horn?

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The anvil is around 120lbs.  Nope, I cant get it by the horn, yet...

Rick Walker :hehe

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