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Rolling Thunder


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I bought a rolling thunder recently and i find the pvc handle virtually impossible to get any real traction on. I tend to have sweaty hands particularly when going for pb's and the handle just slips as much as anything. On the rare occasions when my hands have been dry ive lifted a good 5kg more. I know there are a lot of competitive lifters on here and just want some advice, but dont suggest chalk because ive tried it and it makes matters worse , Thanks guys.

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How the handle with your Off hand and "burn" (rub it quickly around the handle back and forth) the grip hand until it starts to "stick" - then lift it.

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You could try wrapping it in athletic tape if chalk does no good for ya. :happy

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You could try wrapping it in athletic tape if chalk does no good for ya.   :happy

Cheater :whistel

Hey Chad - how ya doing on the BLOB??? Just wondering.... :tongue

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Get a spray bottle and put rubbing alcohol in it.

Spray your hands then wipe them off with a towel.

This will dry your hands off real well.

If you have sweaty hands you will have to do this every set to keep them dry.

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My take:

1. Live with it while training

When you want a PR:

2. Wash your hands and dry

3. Light, light light chalking

4. Do the "burn" method after above

5. Lift

Sometimes, the humidity in the air is just right, certain times of the year in particular communities, and when you touch the handle, "it just feels right". That's when you hit PRs. Likewise, I think there are weather cyles when it "feels slick" no matter what you do.

My son has sweaty hands and chalks the crap out of his hands. We were in a contest in Portland and it was not his day on "the feel". He did 20 pounds under his PR. Two days later, with no warmup, no nothing, he easily did 10 pounds over his contest lift in the garage.

Rolling Thunder is like a muddy football field, you just don't don't know what will happen.


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