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60ds Just A Mental Barrier

Justin Reagan

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I just bent 7 of them in a workout.

4 out of my new 50 lb. box of bright commons that are from HD

2 of the "currently impossible" brights from Ace :cool

1 hot galvanized

Details to be posted in my log.

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Congrats my friend on bending that handful of 60s and as you clearly sees all nails are not created equal. I know – I know those nails are so funs to bend but now you need to take a break and let those hands heal up. Trust me on this even if your hands are not hurting they still have microscopic damage in the tendons and muscle due to the stress you imposed on them. Trust me on this you allow them a little well deserved time to recover now and come back stronger or keep bending over and over in a row and you will eventually overload them until they start to break down and you will be forced to take a lengthy unwelcome recovery period.

An idea for a possoble training scheme-Bend for Volume-RECOVER- Bend For Intensity- RECOVER- BEND for Volume- Bend for Intensity and then go for the Bending Max PR-RECOVER. Don’t neglect those other hand enhancing exercises in between those bending sessions or perform after your sessions like levering or plate curls for the wrists, maybe add some hard gripper chest crushes to help strengthen your crush phase, maybe even some pony clamp work for the thumbs which help to keep hold of those wraps and fingers could benefit from some extensor work with heavy duty thick rubber bands. There is a pile of stuff that will help strengthen the different functions of the hand just don’t forget to strive for a balanced program that gives total hand and upper arm strength.

GREAT JOB! :rock

The GATOR :cool

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I'll go for at least 4 or 5 days rest--maybe more if I feel like I need it. Rest from bending, that is. I think I'm going to alternate my regular workouts with my bending/tearing/etc. workouts.

Justin Reagan

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