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Ice? Recovery

Guest Matt Brennecke

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Guest Matt Brennecke

I have a pain in the back of my hands (feels like its between the bones) that I think comes from overtraining grip. I iced it this morning. What else helps other than laying off grip work.

Also, If I have this pain how long if at all should I lay off?

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Guest DavidHW

[disclaimer: *nothing* that follows below should be understood as a substitute for professional medical guidance. I am merely sharing what works for me; your mileage may vary, and if the pain persists, see your doctor.]

I've found that ice doesn't help my hands recover. Heat does. Warm/hot water soaks before, during, and after a workout, followed by wrapping my entire forearm in a heating pad while I work at the computer. I set the pad on low heat and let it keep blood flowing to the stressed areas. Works great in my experience.

Again, it may not work for you.

Also, after an injury, I wait until I've had at least 3 complete pain-free days before training again.


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Somewhere on this forum exists a post I wrote entitled, "Icy/Hot Therapy".  Basically, after your grip workout, you soak your hands in ice cold water, followed by lukewarm/hot water - then you repeat several times.  Try it.... after all, Doc Sybersnott can't be wrong!!!  :)

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