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Couple Questions


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i have 2 seperate questions that i need help on guys..

ok, first about phonebooks... yesterday i found a phonebook in my kitchen that was 1.5-2 inches thick or something like that, and i got a really good tear on it, but i couldnt pull off the thing where u get the phonebook to 'pop' when u begin the tear. i read clay's article a while ago on it, and then heard the popping sound when captain crunk showed his video. i tried it, but i couldnt get it.. do u think its just a strength issue? like some people cant get it to pop but can get the rip? does anyone have any tips for the beginning of the tear?

and my second question deals with some hand/wrist pain that im experiencing. ..

theres this area on the top of my hand (opposite the palm) right above the wrist towards the thumbpad that hurts when i press on it. it also hurts to press against something like when ur pushing a door with ur hand pushed back towards your wrist. and it also gives me pain when i do levering to the nose and back. so do any of you guys have suggestions on how to deal with this? its been like this for about a week now

ok thx

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I don't know about the hand pain, but I've been having a lot of fun with the phonebook tearing after reading Clay's article so I can comment on that.

1.5-2" is pretty thick for starting. Like Clay says, start with a thickness that you can get comfortable learning the technique, then start adding more pages.

I'm not a strong guy by any means (1/4" away from BBSM), but after working my way up, my comfort zone is around 1.5", and my PR tear is just shy of 2" (including both covers).



I've taught a few people at my work the technique, and a woman at work was able to get a 480pp tear. I think that for the average hands, 400pp is easily do-able with the proper technique. Working your way past 1000pp takes better than average strength plus technique. That 1.5-2" book you were trying was probably somewhere around 1400 pp. Split that into thirds, and practice getting the pop on both the bottom and top edges of each third. Once you get the technique down and popping it comfortably (on the first try, without straining for it), add 100pp each time.

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About your pain.

I've had similar pain for a few years off and on. You need to R I C E the crap outta it. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Say away from movements that aggrivate it. This may mean for a while.

Get a good brace and wear the damn thing too. Even when your sleeping. When you sleep you can get your wrist cocked and end up with more pain when you wake up than when you went to slee.

Examin the area and check for a bump. If this is the case you probably have a ganglion cyst. These are a pain the the ass. I know because I've been dealing with it for a while.

Also, if it doesn't get better go and see the doc.


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Forgot to say about phonebooks: The follow-through/tear is easy until you get to 600-800pp. The hardest thing (for me) was learning the pop. So I rationed the phonebooks I had by doing as many pops as possible in each chunk of phonebook I was using and not bothering to practice the follow-through.

After you've done it a couple times, you'll be surprised at how the book practically falls apart in your hands after you pop the book through the full thickness. The tear gets quite a bit tougher after 1000pp, though.

Good luck, and hope your hands feel better.

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Open that phonebook you have to the middle, then rip or cut it down the spine so that you have two phonebooks at approximately half the thickness. Once the technique happens, and it will happen more easily on thinner books, you can apply it to thicker books.

Also, stop trying to squeeze so hard on the book! You didn't say you were squeezing hard, but I bet you are! If you're trying to muscle the book in half, don't. Just get your hands set correctly, grab the book firmly (about as hard as a handshake) and go through the motions.

I always get stumped on thicker books when I don't remember to stop grabbing so tightly. I'm in such a hurry to get through a book sometimes that I want to muscle it apart and it's not always possible to do that with this popping technique. Gotta have relaxed hands!

When I use the technique that Dennis Rogers uses (or Smitty if you haven't seen Dennis' DVD) that is more of a shearing motion, then I grab harder. But for the popping technique for beginners, just get your hands set right and go through it.

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ok guys, thx for all the good responses- just what i was looking for. ..

hammerhead - what does compression and elevation mean? also, its funny u said about checking for bumps because before i read the posts i did notice that there was some small bump that stuck out a bit when i flexed my hands toward my forearm, but ill try and give it time to heal

and also for everyone that practices phonebook rips, where do u guys get all your books from? everytime we'd get a couple books by our door i would go and mess around with them, split them in half and rip them, but now im out of books and want to practice ,lol

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When I use the technique that Dennis Rogers uses (or Smitty if you haven't seen Dennis' DVD) that is more of a shearing motion, then I grab harder.  But for the popping technique for beginners, just get your hands set right and go through it.

The technique where you just tear thru the book like you were tearing a piece of paper, is that what your talking about Clay? Are there any techniques to doing it that way or basically grip it hard and go at it?

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Compression will most likely be accomplished with the brace if you use a neoprein one (wet suit material). Elevation means keeping it high so blood doesn't stay settled in the area ( this won't apply too much in our cases ).

Sounds like you got a cyst, get a brace now. I may go away by bracing and avoiding movments that aggrivate the area. Even an ACE bandage will work.


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