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Volume Cycle To Conquer The Bbsm


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I've been following some of the high volume routines here and would like to change it up for about a month.

My current training consists of almost all heavy singles, doubles and triples as I rarely exceed 5 reps with any of my grippers. I also practice assisted overcrushes, negatives, overcrushes and timed holds. I have a HG150, a deeply filed #1, a slightly filed #2, a BBSM (goal gripper), a #3 and #4. I have a Elite on the way. I also work hub pinching and hex block pinching as well as kettlebells.

I can currently close a normal #2 for 5 and hold it shut for around 10 seconds consistently righty, I have shut closed it yesterday for the 1st time lefty. I miss the BBSM by about a cm righty.

Volume plan

Wk. 1


6-8 sets of near max reps, work on explosive sweep

*try and get more reps each day

5 days in a row and take 2 days off

Wk. 2

Deep filed #1

10-12 sets of 5 work on oversqueeze

increase # of sets or reps (increase vol somehow) every day

3 days, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off

Wk. 3

slight filed #2

20 sets of singles or doubles work on widening set and holding shut 2-3 sec/rep

wave vol

4 days on 3 days off

Attempt at BBSM

Thanks a lot for any and all advice, it is great learning from such hard working and accomplished athletes.


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If you feel your sort of peaked out with the OC's and Negs etc. There is a High Volume program that is pinned here. It will build up your stamina and hand endurance along with all your capillaries to increase blood flow to the hand. After this program if you then go back to the heavy singles etc, like your old program...your strength will skyrocket. If you haven't tried KTA try it after this high volume you will be amazed!!


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I would recommend using strapholds on the #2. Work up to about 25lbs, using a thin belt or the thin IM strap. It worked for me, good luck with your training, I'm sure in three weeks you will have the SM no matter how you train.

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High Vol (dave and gamidon)

Day 1

each set began no set and each rep was opened fully to emphasize more explosive sweep


400 reps L, 480 reps R (880 total)

sets were between 20-30 reps a piece

Tomorrow's closes will be from 3/4-1" and higher volume.

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Nice work Preimes, you may want to move this to the workout reports forum.

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