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Double stamped grippers

Guest davidclark22

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Guest davidclark22

I know theres been a lot of question on here about whether the double stamped grippers are really harder to close than the single stamped ones so I e-mailed Iron Mind and here's a copy of the e-mail with thier reply.

> Hi,

> I'm just wondering if there is any difference between grippers with the

> number stamped on one handle and ones with it stamped on both.  I have heard

> that the double stamped ones are slightly harder.  Thank you.


> David

Iron Minds response:

No, this isn't true, but thanks much for asking.

All the best with your training--hope you're making good progress with your grip


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You got suckered.  Chalk one up for Strossen again!!   :p

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There you have it. There is no difference because Randall Strossen said so. He is a published author so we know that we can trust what he says as being the unimpeachable truth.

Seriously, did anyone expect Dr.Strossen to state anything different?

So far we have had some interesting observations about the new double stamped grippers. The #2 grippers are harder and the #3 grippers are softer. I wonder now if the coil of the #2 is slightly larger and the coil on the #3 slightly smaller. Someone with access to a micrometer could check.

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You were lucky.  One time, Strossen blew me off so big that I thought I'd been blown away by a hurricane.  No kidding.

I was told by someone who knows him QUITE WELL that his forte' is publishing and writing (journalism).  Don't go to him for the answers - go to the guys who REALLY care about the equipment - John at PDA, and Richard at Sorinex.

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I just got an e-mail from Strossen telling me that he's banging away on the upcoming June MILO issue!  And, the best part..... I'm gonna be in it!!   :D  :p

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