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Better Form

George Champlin

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I'm no expert on DO, but

that bend was much better in terms of how you can get more power to explode into the bar

good job nice improvement

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That looked much better, the way you applied the force more out away from your torso. But keep in mind that your form will most likely change with maximum bends. Doing a lot of max, or near max bends, is crucial to dialing in your technique.

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Crushdown is much smoother..you will be bending big soon!

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looks pretty easy for you

just like in lifting, I like to act like what I'm doing is going to be for max force, even on warming up

keep your body tight; a nice deep breath and hold, in the abdomen

hell, even squeeze the butt if you have to, just like when benching

hope that helps, put up some more vids

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