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Pike's Spike


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The family and I just arrived home from a four day vacation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Words can't describe the beauty of that area of the country! This was a much needed vacation for the five of us, as I haven't really taken time off from work in five years. And of course, along with hiking shoes, binoculars, and a camera, I packed some bending goodies for the trip. I've posted two pictures in my gallery of my high altitude battle with a 3/8" spike cut down to 9 1/4". Check it out:


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I love it! I was there in '98, the short walk from the car winded me.........that must have been one trippin bend! Did you get tunnel vision :blink ?

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Anson, let's just say I was feelin' pretty good after the bend. :D

My best at ground level is 1/4" shorter, Deaner. Not a huge difference.

It was a fun, yet challenging experience. The wind was blowing something fierce, the temperature was in the high forties, and I was without a jacket. And of course I felt like I had run a marathon with a plastic bag over my head, before I even started the bend. :)

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Eric isnt that the widow maker

I'm not sure. It's a galvanized spike I buy at Lowe's hardware store. On an inch-per-inch basis it's easier than a lot of spikes.

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Eric my dear friend this may lead to a coffee table picture book

called "The Traveling Bender" or at least a tabloid cover "A Man and His Metal Goes on a Global Bender"

Some unique places to keep in mind to bend at is:

Horseshoe on the Great Wall of China

Spike at the Vatican (Lord Help You if the colorfully clad Swiss guards catch you)

Red on the Red Square

A crowbar at the Grand Canyon - hey it deserves a big feat of strength

An FBBC bar at the White House ( If you see guys with black glasses coming towards you in a rush abort the mission run like hell to the nearest Smithsonian building there is way to much cool stuff to look at and they will never be able to keep their eyes peeled for you)

Aluminum Bat at Wrigley Field I mean it is only appropriate thing to bend there.

Lever at the Louvre Museum in Paris but you will have to beat back the picture snapping tourist from the orient (Snap Dragons I call them :laugh ) with your sledge :trout to get a chance to lever in the presence of the Mona Lisa.

You can bend anything at Octoberfest – The German Beer Festival in Munich Germany because no one will remember if that was a green nail or a spike. :D

Scroll some on the greens of the renowned St. Andrews (1502 or 1574) golf course in Scotland.

Well bend on the beaches of Bermuda or if you dare on a boat or in a plane within the Bermuda Triangle. :unsure

Well you get the picture and I volunteer to be your personal photographer and book agent. :rock


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The possibilities are endless. It would be neat if guys vacationing to exotic or historic locations would snap a few pictures of some steel destruction for posting on the board. It would make for quite a scrapbook, or coffee table book. ;)

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I'm glad you got to take some R&R; you've earned it driving day in/day out in the madness of the DFW!

Of course that bend is nothing...

I have pics of me holding up the Washington monument with one hand, squatting Pharoah's solid granite arm in the British museum, and other amazing feats while on vacation :)

Glad to see you are still hitting it hard as ever.

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Should have brought some nails on McKinley when I brought my grippers! :angry: Then again there is always next summer.


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