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Lightest Red Bender Ever


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I have a new longterm goal of bending the red.

My question:

Has anyone lighter than 143lbs ever bend a red nail?

Well I am positive the Mighty Atom could have warped a Red nail with no problem and he was your weight.

Also both Dennis Rogers and Pat Pavolitis are not exactly giants and the amazing stuff you have seen them both do should tell you there is much more to strength than muscle mass and big bone structure. I believe much of it is mental in fact the Mighty Atom was known to select average Joes from his audience and talk through them through bending a 60 penny nail which we lose sight of how incredible that really is because we have so many blessed athletes and strongmen here on the board that have gone far and beyond what should be possible but they have nonetheless.

If you heart and mind is strong then your will can drive you to train in a disciplined and determinate manner that will surely allow you to reach this goal and all the others you can muster in your mind.

Go for it! :rock :


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