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Help With Thumb Work


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I'm still working on trying to close the #1 gripper completely. I now train my wrist, forearms and my grip, but I'm not sure what to do for the fingers and thumb. Can somebody give me a few ideas for finger and thumb work? I have some plates so I can do pinch holds. Anything else I should do? Any other equipment I need? I would prefer something I can make myself or something that I could possibly get at the dollar store. You guys talk about bands or something for the fingers. I'm not sure what that is. Thanks.

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Try wadding up a hand towel with one hand. Just place a corner in your hand then start rolling it up/wadding it. You can also do it with newspaper. However you'll run out of newspapers pretty fast.

The bands people talk about are usually really strong rubber bands, multiple rubber bands or the IM Expand your hand bands. You just slip them over your finger tips then expand your hands

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