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The "Arnolds" Inch Bell Returns


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My personal Inch replica just returned a bit worn but none the worse for wear.I guess it has a bit more character with a few extra scars. It may have been lifted higher and overhead more than any except the original during its many travels with me...what fun! Joe Roark asked about my lighter bell which weighed 158 if set next to the 172.75 how the handle heights would differ...I placed a ruler across thus forming a bridge between the handles and the difference is 1/4 inch lower on the light bells side. Even if I stare at them it is hard to tell em' apart even tho I see them 8 hours a day sleeping on my office floor. RS

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I had suggested that a farmer's walk with two replicas of the

Inch be used for the walk at the Arnold, and though the idea

sparked interest at first it can now be seen as a good decision to thwart my suggestion- it appears no one would have been able to deadlift two of the replicas at the same time!

So if you can stare at close range at the two differently

weighted replicas and strain to tell the difference, imagine how

easy it was for Inch to fool those seated in the audience...

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Richard..... what in the **** are you doing sleeping on the floor of your office?  No wonder I can't get anyone on the phone over there!!   :p  :p  :p

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The bells sleep.......I dont.lol Hey Mr. Snott please give me a call...got someting you might like. RS

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No way, Cap.  Richard and I have an "agreement".... he tells me ALL his secrets, and I promise NOT to repeat them!!  :) (Unless, of course, somebody paid me MILLIONS to write a tell-all book!   :p  :p ).

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